Labaska CreateBuildDevelop Cost Reduction Solutions

The low cost perspective and efficiency are our methods of delivering our services. Low price products, cheapest installation and maintenance with 5+ quality guarantees.


Our mission is to become a leading business partner for your company.


Become the best partner for your business by offering cheap, easy and profitable solutions for you company.


Labaska is built on the basis of our professional experience in providing enterprise cost-effective solutions. We will share this experience with you.

Who We Are

Starting from our experience at the national and global level, both technically and marketing in the field of telecommunications / telephony, internet, application developers and IT managed services.

We have an official legal entity and have obtained legality from the government (Kemenkominfo) in the form of an ITKP (internet telephony for public interest) permit and an ISP (internet service provider) license.

Over time, we are currently a strategic and respected partner of telecommunications operators and network infrastructure providers in Indonesia. Like Telkom, Indosat, Excelcom, Smartfren, Tri, IconPlus as well as moratelindo and others who are our partners and friends in providing high quality, flexible / customized services and the best after sales service.

With the best quality of service, after sales / maintenance and prices that adhere to the concept of “cost reduction”, we have been trusted by thousands of companies with a variety of business sectors, both national companies, PMA and global. Such as banking, insurance, leasing, securities, fintech and other financial institutions, BPO (outsourcing) and call centers, hotels, travel, property and building management, hospitals, factories / industries, SME companies and start-ups and others.

Of course we hope that your company will become one of them


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