Refund Procedure

REFUND & RETUR PROCEDURE sells IT and Telecommunications (IP-PBX) tools and solutions to save on your company’s costs, such as Cloud PBX and cost-effective solutions for corporate telephones and others.

All products sold at are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. The tools that are sent to the customer are first tested by our quality control team.

Nevertheless we provide an opportunity for our customers to make a return of goods before 7 days from the date of receipt of the order. You do not need to hesitate to make an exchange with us. However, please pay attention to the details of the item exchange procedure, the following terms and conditions apply :

Can I return the product that I received?

You can return a product that you have purchased to exchange if the product you received is damaged and does not work well.
For terms and conditions that apply are as follows:

  1. Exchange limit is from 7 working days from the date of receiving the order.
  2. The product you wish to exchange must be in the same condition as the initial condition you received the product and have not been opened / sealed neatly (Products that are already open, dirty, physically defective and have been used cannot be returned).
  3. The availability of replacement products depends on the available stock and we will inform you when we receive the items exchanged.
  4. If you want to exchange the product at a higher price, then the rest of the payment can be paid via bank transfer. If you want to exchange the product at a lower price, we will return the remaining funds that have been transferred to our party
  5. Shipping costs to the customer will be borne by the customer when exchanging products, except if mistakes come from our side, it will be our responsibility.
  6. We only exchange products but not product returns or returns.

How do I exchange the product?

Previously, you can contact our customer service on the number via HP / WA 0812 6223 2964 from Monday to Friday to ensure your product can be returned or not. Please send in detail for the product you want to exchange, and the type of product you want and please send a complete photo of the product to our email at You can exchange the product in a complete, unopened and undamaged condition. Products that have been used, are dirty, are physically defective, the open seal is non-refundable.

How should I wrap the product for shipping?

If the product you received contains a packaging box, you must send it back with the packaging box. And if you receive the product in a buble wrap package, then send it back to us with the same conditions. Choose a trusted shipping service, because we will not cover the damage caused by less tidy packaging.

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